"Dada Maino has overcome the ‘problem of painting’: different parameters inform her work: her paintings are the flags of a new world, they are a new meaning: they are not content with ‘saying something different’: they also say something new”. 
(Piero Manzoni, 1961)

Dadamaino, or Eduarda Emilia Maino, was one of the most important figures of the Italian avant-garde of the 1950s and 60s. She was part of Lucio Fontana's Spatialism movement and joined Azimut Gallery led by Piero Manzoni which was connected with Group ZERO, Gruppe Nul and Group Motus. Dadamaino had two solo shows at the Venice Biennale in 1980 and 1990. Her works can be seen in several important collections such as Tate, London, Guggenheim Foundation, or Foundation of Concrete Art in Reutlingen, Germany.
Dadamaino about her work series 'Volumes':
"Behind the large holes I could see a wall full of lights and shadows that vibrated and moved. That is what one must look for and follow. Art had until that moment been static, with the exception of a few pioneers. One has to make it dynamic and do so with means that are in keeping with the most recent technical and scientific experiences, given that art can be created with any means."

Eduarda Emilia Maino
(October 2, 1930, Milan - April 13,  2004, Milan)


Selected shows

'The Milk of Dreams', Main Exhibition, Venice Biennale
'Women in abstraction', Gugenheim, Bilbao
'Women in abstraction', Centre Pompidou, Paris
Carla Accardi and Dadamaino: 'Between sign and transparency
Two Italian artists at the frontiers of abstraction', Tornabouni Art, Paris
Tuttu Prospettive sull'arte italiana, Sammlung Goetz, Munich
Before After Rome, Milan and Fabio Mauri, Hauser & Wirth, London
Dadamaino, Mendes Gallery New York
L'Inarchiviabile/The Unarchivable - FM Centro per l´Arte Contemporanea, Milan
Eye Attack - Op Art And Kinetic Art 1950-1970 - Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebæk
Abstract Loop Austria. Art and Visual Research since 1950 - 21er Haus, Vienna
Olhar em Movimento - Linguagens da arte cinética italiana dos anos 1950-70 - Instituto Tomie Ohtake, São Paulo
L'Occhio cinematico. Arti visive e cinema oltre la soglia del visibile - A arte Invernizzi, Milan
Pokrenuto Oko - talijanska Kineticka umjetnost 1950 - ih do 1970 - ih - Museum of Arts and Crafts / MUO, Zagreb
Zero: Let Us Explore The Stars - Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Amsterdam
Longing Objects - Sammlung Kunsthalle Göppingen und Gäste - Kunsthalle Göppingen, Göppingen
Rendezvous der Länder - Neuhängung der Sammlung Peter C. Ruppert - Konkrete Kunst in Europa nach 1945 - Museum im Kulturspeicher, Würzburg
Proportio - Axel & May Vervoordt Foundation, Venice
10 Jahre Hubertus Schoeller Stiftung - Leopold Hoesch Museum, Düren
Black & White - Multifarious, Galerie Leu
Zero Die Internationale Kunstbewegung Der 1950er Und 60er Jahre - Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin
Chromophobia - Gagosian Gallery, Geneva
Impulse, Reason, Sense, Conflict. - CIFO - Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation, Miami, FL
Group Show 2014 - Bocconi Art Gallery - BAG, Milan
Gallery Artists - Galerie Leu, Munich
Funzione Continua_Thomas Brambilla, Bergamo
Zero: Countdown To Tomorrow, 1950S-60S - Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York City, NY
Artverona 2014 - Cortesi Contemporary, Lugano
Cinetica Monocroma Spaziale Astratta - Jerome Zodo Contemporary, Milan
Great Expectations #1 - Cortesi Contemporary, Lugano
AZIMUT/H. Continuità e nuovo - Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice
La couleur seule dans tous ses états - Galerie Natalie Seroussi, Paris
Arte Italiana - Cortesi Contemporary, Lugano
Pittura Oggetto - Almine Rech Gallery - London, London
Arte Cinetica - Museo di Santa Giulia, Brescia
 L'´Occhio Musicale / The Musical Eye - A arte Invernizzi, Milan
Turn Me On: European and Latin American Kinetic Art 1948-1979 - Christie's Mayfair, London
Belvedere Landscapes and visions in the MA*GA´s collection - Museo MAGA, Gallarte, VA
Italian Show - Simon C Dickinson Ltd, London
Arte Fiera Bologna - Studio Guastalla, Milan
Le Nuove Tendenze - 10 A.M. ART Contemporary Art Home Gallery, Milan
Dadamaino - Le Consortium, Dijon (solo)
Percezione E Illusione: Arte Programado Y Cinético Italiano - MACLA Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Latinoamericano, La Plata
Snow Variation - Massimo De Carlo London, London
Percezione e Illusione: Arte Programmata e cinetica italiana - MACBA - Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires
storie monocrome - Galleria Six, Milan
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Arte Italiana '60-'90 - Cortesi Contemporary, Lugano
Bass! How low can you go? - Leila Heller Gallery, New York City, NY
A Brief History Of Spots, Stripes And Holes - Massimo De Carlo London, London
Arte Programmata e Cinetica. da Munari a Biasi a Colombo e... - Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna (GNAM) , Rome
Novecento Mai Visto - Highlights from the Daimler Art Collection - From Albers to Warhol to (now)- Museo di Santa Giulia, Brescia
 Genesi del fare / Genesis of Doing - A arte Invernizzi, Milan
Elementi Spaziali - Barbara Mathes Gallery, New York City, NY
In Astratto - Arte astratta in Italia 1930 - 1980 - CAMeC - Centro de Arte Moderna e Contemporanea della Spezia, La Spezia
Time, After Time - Ronchini Gallery, London
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l - Espace de l'art concret, Mouans Sartoux
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something tells me it's all happening at the zoo - Kevin Kavanagh, Dublin
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pour nous irriter - Espace de l'art concret, Mouans Sartoux
Comparez pour voir - Espace de l'art concret, Mouans Sartoux
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Mostra collettiva - Azimut, Milan


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