MULTIFACETED: works from 1960 - 2021

17 November 2021 - 27 February 2022

In our inauguration Exhibition of our new space,  we are showing a wide range of works and artists working in multifarious styles and diverse media. The period extends from 1960 to today.




Agostino Bonalumi
Günther Förg 
Sam Francis
Imi Knoebel
Karin Kneffel
Maria Miesenberger 
Otto Piene
Anselm Reyle
Olivia Reuterswärd
Dieter Roth
Thomas Ruff 
Andreas Schmitten 
Turi Simeti
Hiroshi Sugimoto
Magnus Thorén
Etienne Viard 
Maximilian Verhas
Tom Wesselmann
Installation Views