Light & Shadow

20 January - 23 February 2012
works by
Otto Piene
Günther Uecker
Adolf Luther


How old is light? / Where does light come from? / Who first saw light? / Who last saw light? / Does light come to the eye? / Does the eye come to the light? / What does a kilogram of light cost? / Who does light belong to? / How transparent is light? / How deep is the sea of light? / How deeply does light penetrate the skin? / Is light sharp? / Does light shun the light? / What does light wear? / How often does light bathe? / Where does it bathe? / Where does light sleep? / Who does light sleep with? / Who does light love? / Children of light / ZERO / Heinz Mack, Otto Piene, Günther Uecker, Düsseldorf, September 18, 1966