Hubertus Hamm: VI-EW

From April 22 to May 28, the Leu Gallery is exhibiting pictures, sculptures and installations by Hubertus Hamm. Hamm originally comes from photography, but has developed this into a conceptual and sculptural form, for which he chooses the term "Dimensioning Photography". It is a reflexive and minimalist object art that unfolds the image into space, drawing our attention to how we see and how images represent or depict. Hamm does not produce static images, but stages a dynamic conception of space, light and movement that reveals influences from kinetic art and optical art. The connection between seeing, image and sculpture is also articulated in the title of the exhibition: VI-EW, which spans the English word for seeing or view into three equivalent parts, each consisting of two letters and a connecting line, and read like a scheme for the reception of his works leaves. On one side is the work, the object - on the other is the viewer, who is astonished and irritated by the object, and a fine line stretches between the two. VI-EW describes a scenic constellation that is constantly changing because the object sets its viewer in motion. This again changes their impressions. Surfaces suddenly gain depth, break up and become transparent. The viewer reflects and doubles and disappears. The line between the pairs of letters in the title refers to this individual dialogue with the viewer. It stands for the special aesthetic experience that we can have with Hamm's objects, because they not only amaze us with the shine and the reflections of a vibrating surface, but also draw our attention to the foundations and structures of this perception and i.e. also to the role that we play ourselves. In this way, Hamm's works unfold poetry of seeing. (Dr. Björn Vedder)
Installation Views