Transgenerationconnections: Jean-Luc Moerman

25 April - 25 May 2013
Gaalerie Leu is pleased to announce its second solo show by internationally acclaimed Belgian multimedia artist Jean-Luc Moerman. The exhibition deals with various new works by Moerman from the field of painting, drawing and sculpture. Expressive, abstract paintings on canvas will be on display as well as biomorphic aluminium objects, figurative sculptures, and of course the famous iconic and ironic tattoos. 
Although Moerman is used to work with nearly every medium and surface, whether it's paper, steel, walls, cars, bicycles and more recently also fashion accessories, the essential point of his expression always has been the draughtsmanship. The starting points are always fine calligraphic lines that he composes under devotional concentration to a picture. Everything is done from scratch without tools. Just the artist's hand leads the line from nothing into chaos. Moerman's work basically deals with the tradition of the pattern and the history of tattooing without overloading it symbolically. Likewise, Moerman examines intercultural connections between Islamic or Japanese calligraphy and western graffiti.