Ylva Carlgren works with non-figurative watercolor painting. The work is experimental and systematic. Through a meticulous and controlled layering technique, fields of color are gradually charged with light, manipulating the perceptual field. The work is an exploration of the limitations of her medium. It is a process of perfection where the artist's practice becomes and end in and of itself. Relinquishing any and all mimetic pretension, Carlgren creates a reduced visual language characterized by presence and stillness.
Ylva Carlgren was born in 1984 in Luleå. She currently lives and works in Stockholm. She is the recipient of grants from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm and Helge Ax:son Johnson Foundation. Carlgren is represented by Gallery Steinsland Berliner in Stockholm, where she had three solo exhibitions. She was featured at Market Art Fair, Stockholm and Chart Copenhagen. Recently, she has been exhibited in Paris and Tokyo. Galerie Leu will present her first solo exhibition in Germany in 2023.
"An entity reduced to units, arranged through disintegration, considered in detail; among the fundamental material constituents, grasping for something unintelligible, snatching at the finely divided. In pursuit of borderlines, trying to transgress a boundary by dissolving it. The inherent difficulty of delimiting the transitory - in studying a state of temporary becoming. Arranged examples, vertical exclamations and spaces, varying degrees of ambiguity. To perceive something in the difference between this and that - and losing focus again. A unit divorced from entity, an ongoing separation, a recurring issue. A halting question, incomplete conclusions regarding the undefined." - Ylva Carlgren
Installation shots